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A different language is a different vision of life. On Saturday July 2nd, Commat Health Initiatives (CHI) had the privilege of making a difference in the life of students at Uganda School for the deaf. We got the opportunity to not only make new friends among the children and staff, but also were humbled by the effortless manner with which the children welcomed us and communicated with so much joy and enthusiasm. Being deaf doesn’t make you dumb. Just as hearing doesn’t make you smart. These amazing children have the ability to use sign language to communicate. Rather than being marginalized for being different, they should be highly recognized by society and promoted in their skills of bilingualism. Participation at Ntinda School for the Deaf is a key initiative of CHI with regards to raising awareness and improving the quality of life for deaf children. In the past, through our affiliate organization in the UK, Commat London, we have contributed towards two water tanks for the school. This time round CHI was able to donate heavy duty garbage disposal containers which the school was in dire need of. The school is set in a residential area and so these containers have been a pressing need for a while. These garbage bins also help the teachers train the children in independent living skills that they can apply in their homes once they are off the school campus. The children are trained to identify, separate and dispose of organic and inorganic material. A theme in keeping with their eco-friendly rules on the campus to preserve the environment.